Lawn Care in Des Moines IA

Lawn Care in Des Moines IAIf you sometimes feel that all your neighbors have more beautiful, healthier, lusher lawns than you, though you cannot understand why, we might explain it to you. It may be because you made a few lawn care experiments over the years. You may have hired an unprofessional lawn care company that messed up some things. Or, most likely, you changed your lawn service providers frequently, and the results show. When you or a lawn care provider subjects the lawn to all sorts of changes, trials, new projects, etc., it starts falling behind as a whole. And even if it still looks nice, your yard does not seem to reach its full potential no matter how hard you try. But this stops here! Our experts in lawn care in Des Moines, IA, are here to tell you what they can do for you!

What Can Our Lawn Care Company in Des Moines, IA Do for Your Yard?

First, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your lawn and identify its problems, weaknesses, and strengths. After that, we propose you a year-long plan that contains some (or all) of the following services:

  • Soil tests – pH, nutrients, water needs, fertilization, drainage, etc.;
  • Ecosystem check-up – we regularly evaluate your yard’s progress in correlation with weather phenomena, environmental conditions, presence of weeds and pests, the ratio of sun/shade areas, irrigation, etc.
  • Lawn upgrades and maintenance programs – soil aeration, dethatching, cleaning, perimeter pest control, pre-emergent weed control, bush/hedge/tree maintenance, mole control, etc.
  • A healthy lawn cannot thrive in the absence of integrated maintenance services, where you take into account everything, from the smallest grass blade to the most robust structure on your property. For this reason, we also offer regular landscape clean-ups and landscape maintenance seasonal services.
  • Snow removal – snow and ice are terrible enemies for lawns, so let our lawn maintenance company in Des Moines, IA take care of things for you with no stress!

We work only with experts in lawn care in Des Moines, IA. They carry licenses and certifications in horticulture, agriculture, pest/weed control, chemical applications, engineering, landscape architecture, and lawn maintenance. You can rest assured that we tailor all our services and programs to meet your lawn’s needs.

Our lawn care company in Des Moines, IA, offers free estimates for any landscaping or lawn maintenance project you want. Contact us now, and let us build and maintain you a lawn to be proud of and enjoy every day of the year!