Lawn Treatments in Indianola IA

Lawn Treatments in Indianola | Excel Lawns & Landscape Des Moines, IA

If you are in the market to find solutions for greener, denser, healthier, and more beautiful lawn and landscape, you have arrived at the right place! If you are tired of supermarket, universal garden chemicals to fertilize your lawn and keep weeds and pests at bay, why don’t you switch to our lawn treatments in Indianola, IA? Our lawn fertilizer company in Indianola has the knowledge, experience, and availability to provide you with efficient and reliable fertilization & weed control and other lawn and landscape maintenance activities throughout the year.

Expert Lawn Treatments in Indianola, IA

Excel Lawn and Landscape is a landscape contractor operating in Iowa for more than ten years now. If you require lawn fertilization, weed pre-emergent control, pest control, aeration, tree & shrub maintenance, or landscape architecture and building, get in touch any time! Our experts have the knowledge and tools to provide you with the best lawn treatments in Indianola, IA money can buy! But let’s see what you can benefit from if you choose our lawn fertilization company this year!

  • Licensed and certified fertilization and weed control services at affordable prices, with guaranteed results.
  • Multi-step annual lawn treatments in Indianola, IA, based on the regular soil and vegetation assessments we conduct and the follow-up evaluations we undertake.
  • The use of eco-friendly substances and tailored treatments (including, but not limited to mulch installations) to preserve the health and attractiveness of your property without endangering the soil, the environment, or people/pets/micro-ecosystem living on your property.
  • Integrated lawn care and landscaping interventions that contribute to your lawn and landscape’s thriving in a unitary, harmonious manner.

If you want more for your lawn and landscape, contact our company for hardscapes, plant installations, patios and ponds, pavers/edging, retaining walls, rock and mulch applications, and more.

Why Should You Choose Our Lawn Treatments in Indianola, IA?

By choosing our lawn treatments in Indianola, IA, you can get all services under one roof. We will do more than spray the weeds. To save money and preserve your landscape’s health, we provide you with sustainable and cohesive interventions. But here are more benefits for working with us:

  • You will enjoy a consistent service schedule, affordable prices, and outstanding customer support.
  • Our experts receive constant training on the safest lawn treatment practices.
  • We carry licenses and insurance to protect your property at all times.

Contact our lawn fertilizer company in Indianola, IA, and ask for a lawn treatments quote! We are excited to offer excellent, guaranteed services!