Lawn Care in Clive IA

Sometimes, the best house may display a less eye-catching outdoor space. Should you avoid buying it? Or, if you want to sell it, should you lower the price? When it comes to fixing a yard to improve curb appeal or make the space more welcoming and more appealing, you need competent lawn care service. Why don’t you discuss things with our experts in lawn care in Clive, IA? Our experts will visit you, assess the situation, and make sure your outdoor living space regains its splendor, appeal, and superb, lush look. Moreover, we will make sure your lawn thrives healthy all year long! But let our lawn care company in Clive, IA present you with its offer!

What Can Our Experts in Lawn Care in Clive, IA Do to Overhaul Your Yard?

A lawn can be the victim of plenty of factors that contribute to its damage. Its looks become less appealing for a significant number of reasons. However, our lawn care company in Clive, IA, has the experience, knowledge, and tools to address all issues and fix everything! Here are some of the most well-known lawn care services we provide our clients to restore their yards and help them reach their full potential!

  • A thorough property valuation, focusing on the lawn’s strengths, weaknesses, features, and needs (soil pH, fertilization, irrigation, pest and weed control, etc.).
  • Lawn aeration, overseeding, and sod installations to jumpstart plants’ healthy development and resilience.
  • We carry certifications and licenses to apply pesticides and a wide range of chemicals to clean your lawn of pests, diseases, fungi, weeds, and other threatening factors.
  • Vegetation management, including pruning, trimming, mulching, cutbacks, etc.
  • Regular yard clean-ups;
  • Fertilization and weed management, including (but not limited to) flowerbeds’ pre-emergence weed control;
  • Irrigation systems’ maintenance;
  • New plant installations to bring beauty and balance to your yard and tend to the ecosystem thriving on your property.

Why Should You Choose Our Lawn Care Services in Clive, IA?

Excel Lawn and Landscape have been servicing Clive, IA, for over a decade. We evolved together with the community and built our reputation with each satisfied customer recommending us to their friends and neighbors. Now, our lawn care services in Clive, IA, and Greater Iowa gained us an A+ rating offered by the Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Give us an email for a free appraisal and enjoy our risk-free lawn care services in Clive, IA! Not happy with the results? We do the job again, for free!