Lawn Care in West Des Moines IA

Some homeowners do everything in their power to care for their lawns. Still, something does not seem right. The neighbors’ lawns are thicker and greener, their flowerbeds lusher, their yards healthier, neater, more aesthetic. Sometimes, it seems that you cannot “convince” the turf, shrubs, and plants reach their maximum potential no matter what you do. You may be mowing the lawn too seldom or too often. Maybe you used store-bought fertilizers or pesticides. In any case, you need professional lawn care in West Des Moines, IA! Our experts are here to tell you what they can do for you!

What Can Excel Lawn and Landscape Do for You this Year?

We are a locally operated lawn care contractor, present in West Des Moines, IA, for over ten years. Our reputation, the quality of landscaping and lawn care services, affordable prices, and reliability made us the area’s to-go company for any green need homeowners have. But let’s see what our technicians can provide you with all year long:

  • One-time or regular lawn mowing with commercial-grade equipment, delivered by trained professionals;
  • Soil core aeration, dethatching or power raking, sod installations, or overseeding;
  • Soil testing;
  • Fertilization and weed control, including beds’ pre-emergent weed control;
  • Vegetation maintenance – tree trimming, pruning, mulching, etc.;
  • Regular yard cleanups and landscape management;
  • Perimeter pest control and various pesticides and chemical applications to deter pests and other lawn issues;
  • Lawn repairs and renovations for damaged lawns;
  • Mole control, etc.

We are a company working only with licensed professionals who always train in horticulture, agriculture, landscape design, structural engineering, etc. Excel Lawn and Landscape will treat your lawn, taking care of its individual needs. We tailor all our interventions factoring in the soil’s pH and nourishment needs, sun vs. shade ratio, drainage and irrigation potential, native vs. exotic plants and pests present in your area, and more.

Why Else Should You Choose Our Lawn Care Company in West Des Moines, IA?

Do you need help with anything else when it comes to lawn care, maintenance, or landscaping? Our technicians are here to tell you why you should work with us:

  • We offer complete landscaping services, from design and plant installations to building hardscapes and renovating the property from A to Z;
  • You can call us to redo a job if you are not 100% happy with our results entirely for free, and we will do it!

Contact us now for a free estimate, and we guarantee the best lawn care in West Des Moines, IA!