The Difference that Separates us from the Rest!

There are a number of lawn and landscape companies out there, and we aim to be a cut above the competition.  We at Excel Lawns & Landscape take pride in our work, and in the lawns that we service.  While you determine which company is going to serve your requirements best, we hope you’ll consider the following differences that separate our business from the rest:

We Guarantee Our Work

We offer a risk-free ironclad guarantee!  It’s Excel Lawns & Landscape’s promise to do the absolute best job possible.  We don’t want to service your lawn for one season, we want to keep it looking perfect for years!  So, if you aren’t absolutely delighted if you wouldn’t recommend us to your friends and family, then we will redo the item in question for FREE!

We Communicate

We communicate!  Our teams go out into the field and check for quality, and we communicate potential issues we see in your lawn ahead of time.  We communicate with our teams as well, so if you have a gate that needs to be closed, we will let our team members know.  If there’s a rain delay, we’ll let you know when we’ll be out there. Communication is key, and we pride ourselves on being able to get in touch in a timely fashion!  (And yes, we return phone calls!)

We Are Fully Insured

And not just our equipment, trucks, and team members: we protect your family and home with a two-million-dollar liability policy.  If your property is damaged by a company without a liability policy like ours, then you and your insurance policy would have to cover those damages.  That’s outrageous!  We stand behind our work, and that means we will make mistakes right.  The idea of passing the proverbial and literal buck to you is just unacceptable.  We will protect you from human error.

We Are Full Service

We are a full-service company!  If you need someone to help with leaf removal, general landscape cleanup, fertilization and weed control, snow removal, sod installation, landscape installation, or whatever it takes to make your lawn the way you want it so you can enjoy it?  Excel Lawns & Landscape can help!

We Schedule Carefully

We track our location and crew times electronically!  We make certain we’re at the right property before beginning our service, and the exact times (down to the minute!) when a crew logs in or out of your property are tracked.  It’s important to us that we know when we were at your property, to ensure everything went according to schedule.

Our belief is a service company should be easy. We want to make it as easy as we can!  If you’re in the midst of considering your options, we hope you’ll give us a call and talk to any of our well-trained staff who can answer questions.  We want to make this process as stress-free as possible, to take the responsibility off your shoulders to maintain your lawn.  You shouldn’t have to think of lawn care as a chore.  Instead, enjoy your yard and your free time!

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