Enjoy the start of spring with a beautifully clean lawn and landscape! At Excel Lawns & Landscape, we specialize in spring clean up, focusing on clearing the leafy aftermath that the old oak trees and winter brings. Now is the ideal time to spruce up your outdoor space, creating a tidy and welcoming environment for new perennial and plant growth. Our team excels in transforming leaf-covered landscapes into spring-ready spaces.

Spring is not just a seasonal shift; it’s a chance for a fresh beginning for your landscaping beds and lawn. Our spring yard care goes beyond mere leaf collection; it’s about a total rejuvenation of your outdoor space. Customized to fit your homes specific needs, we’re committed to enhancing its esthetic and functionality, while preparing it for the upcoming season.

Meticulously clearing away leaves, elimination of debris like trash and sticks, setting up your landscaping beds and lawn for springtime success. But we don’t stop there; we thoroughly examine every part of your property to ensure a clean and attractive setting. This careful preparation paves the way for your green space to stand out and thrive.

We have an array of spring clean up services, crafted to highlight and improve your property’s features. From basic upkeep to additional options like bush trimming, gutter cleaning, and landscape bed maintenance, we’re prepared for all aspects of spring lawn care. With Excel Lawns & Landscape, you’re on the path to a stunning, spring-enhanced landscape.


Excel Lawns & Landscape believes in the importance of a detailed seasonal sping clean up to kickstart the season. We offer specialized services that address every part of your outdoor space, guaranteeing an extensive and efficient cleaning process:

Leaf and Debris Removal: Tackling the heart of spring cleaning, we focus on ridding your lawns, beds, and common areas of leaf buildup and debris. We’re thorough yet realistic in our mission, aiming to clear away at least 90% of the natural clutter, so your property looks impeccably tidy and well-maintained.

Waste and Obstacle Clearance: Our service extends beyond leaves; we also remove sticks, trash, and other types of debris, making your space clean and ready for your enjoyment. While we can handle a lot, extremely large objects might be beyond what we can handle in that moment. We ensure the majority of unwanted materials are gone.

Detailed Property Sweep: Our team doesn’t stop at the surface; we go deeper, ensuring the entire turf area is free from leaves and debris. This comprehensive approach guarantees that every corner of your outdoor space is attentively cleaned and prepped for the upcoming season.

Post-Cleanup Service: In certain locations, we coordinate with municipal services for street sweeping after the clean-up, ensuring that every trace of the process is neatly concluded.

At Excel Lawns & Landscape, we’re not just cleaning up your property; we’re setting the foundation for a successful landscape that enhances your outdoor living experience. Our in-depth spring clean-up services are designed to rejuvenate your space, ensuring it’s ready to burst into life with the new season.

Trust in our expertise to provide a meticulous, comprehensive spring clean up that prepares your property for the upcoming season.

Let us take care of the details, so you can enjoy a lush, beautifully maintained landscape that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

  • Spring Clean Up
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Spring Gutter Clean Up
  • Spring Bush Trimming


Here’s a snapshot of the essential services we offer as part of our Spring Clean Up in your area:

  • Leaf and Debris Removal

  • Waste and Obstacle Clearance

  • Detailed Property Sweep

  • Post-Cleanup Street Sweeping


Got questions? We’re here with answers. Explore some common inquiries we receive about our spring clean up services in Des Moines.

Absolutely, seasonal spring clean ups goes beyond just picking up leaves; it’s a vital process that involves expert care of your garden and landscape. Our seasoned team covers every aspect, from thorough leaf clearance to nurturing your soil, all aimed at boosting the health and beauty of your outdoor area. Choosing professional clean-up means you’re not just tidying up; you’re setting the stage for a thriving, disease-free garden all year round.

The cost of a spring clean up is tailored to the specifics of your property, such as its size and current condition, as well as the range of services you select. We design our offerings to align with your budget, ensuring you receive thorough lawn and landscape care. Our team will work alongside you, providing a straightforward price outline, so you can make well-informed decision that fits both your budget and your property’s needs.

Typically, a thorough spring clean-up should be conducted annually to effectively remove winter debris and prepare your landscape for the growing season. This yearly service helps to maintain the aesthetic and health of your property, ensuring it remains vibrant and well-managed.


After giving your property a thorough spring refresh, Excel Lawns & Landscape offers additional services to take your outdoor space to the next level. These optional enhancements complement our core clean-up efforts, providing a comprehensive approach to property maintenance and aesthetics.

Bush Trimming: Elevate the look of your landscape with our bush trimming service. Perfectly pruned bushes not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also promote healthier plant growth. Our expert team can shape and tidy your shrubbery, aligning with the overall neatness achieved through our spring clean up service.

Gutter Cleaning: Don’t overlook the importance of clean gutters during the spring season. Our gutter cleaning service prevents potential water damage and complements the clean-up of your property’s grounds. Ensuring your gutters are clear is crucial for maintaining the property’s integrity and preventing water-related issues.

Choosing these optional services adds an extra layer of care and detail to your property’s springtime preparation, ensuring every aspect of your outdoor environment is in peak condition. With Excel Lawns & Landscape, you can rest assured that your property will not only be clean but also fully maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

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The recent ice storm had the sidewalks and driveway a sheet of ice. They came out twice to treat the areas. I was impressed with not only the work they performed but also that I did not have to call them to remind them. Rarely do I encounter from others the great service Excel provided. I am thrilled I hired them.

Michael Amadeo, via Google

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I called and they actually answered the phone and it didn’t go to voicemail. They came to see the job and gave me a fair quote and a date when they would be able to do it. The job was completed on time and I’m very happy with the work of the team.

Sophie J., via Google

The crew at Excel worked on our front porch retaining wall. They did excellent work, were courteous, prompt in getting the job done, and even came out a few months later just to double-check the wall during cold weather. Thanks for all you did. I will definitely recommend your services.

Russ Miller, via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The team at Excel Lawn and Landscape performs lawn mowing and weed control currently. I have peace of mind knowing they take care of my yard and plan to have them help with the fence and landscape in the future. Thank you for helping me gain control of the creeping Charlie in my yard and restore my yard’s curb appeal!

Treasa B., via Google

Thank you so much for the quality workmanship you and your team provided to us over the past week or so. The work you did not only looks great but it also provided us with superior results. I appreciate your quality of work, your professionalism, and your very reasonable prices.

Tim Crosby, via Facebook