Ever wondered how commercial properties keep their landscape beds so pristine? At Excel Lawns and Landscape in Des Moines, IA, our Commercial Landscaping Bed Maintenance services offer complete care for your landscape beds. We specialize in weed prevention, weed removal, and targeted spraying, ensuring your beds enhance the beauty and appeal of your outdoor spaces. Let us handle the upkeep, transforming your landscape beds into a highlight of your property.

Maintaining weed-free garden beds is crucial for the health and look of your property. Our weed removal service effectively handles overgrown beds, enhancing soil health and promoting plant growth. With our help, your outdoor spaces will stay neat and clean, freeing up your weekends from maintenance chores.

Our expert team customizes garden maintenance to fit your needs. We consider the unique features of your landcape beds and your vision for their look. With our expertise, we create visually appealing and balanced garden beds that enhance your outdoor spaces all year round.


Unwanted weeds like thistles can quickly take over your garden beds. Our expert team at Excel Lawns and Landscape uses tailored methods to tackle the unique challenges of Iowa’s diverse ecosystem. Our Commercial Garden Maintenance and Weed Removal Services effectively target the toughest weeds in the Des Moines metro area and beyond, including:

Crabgrass: Thrives in disturbed soil areas.

Dandelions: Known for their rapid spread and hardiness.

Spurge: Grows quickly and withstands heat.

White Clover: Good for soil but can overrun lawns and beds.

Violets: Pretty but invasive in garden beds.

Bull Thistle: Prickly and often invades unused spaces.

Our strategy addresses the root causes, offering sustainable solutions with lasting results. We understand the local weed varieties and their growth patterns, from West Des Moines to Beaverdale, allowing us to apply precise treatments that remove weeds and prevent their return.

With our results-driven landscape bed maintenance program, your landscape beds will be free from invasive weeds and looking their best. We are committed to delivering outstanding results by combining our expertise and scientific approaches to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.


Want your garden beds to be the pride of your neighborhood? With our Commercial Garden Maintenance and Weed Removal Services, achieving a beautiful, clean, and weed-free space is easy. Whether you aim to boost plant health, maintain spotless garden beds, or simply enjoy your outdoor time with less effort, we’re here to make your life easier.

Take the next step and contact Excel Lawns & Landscape today. Our skilled team in Des Moines will work with you to create a personalized weed control plan that meets your unique requirements. This approach ensures your garden beds stay beautiful and low-maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor areas without the hassle.

Contact Us Now – Together, we’ll rejuvenate your commercial garden beds and enhance your property’s charm!

  • Commercial Landscaping Bed Maintenance by Excel Lawn & Landscape
  • Commercial Landscaping Bed Maintenance by Excel Lawn & Landscape
  • Commercial Landscaping Bed Maintenance by Excel Lawn & Landscape
  • Commercial Landscaping Bed Maintenance by Excel Lawn & Landscape


Here’s a brief overview of the specialized services we provide in the Des Moines metro area and surrounding regions as part of our comprehensive commercial garden bed maintenance programs:

  • Weed Pulling and Removal

  • Regular Maintenance Schedules

  • Plant-Specific Targeted Weed Control

  • Weed Barrier Solutions

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control

  • Customized Edging Solutions


Got questions? We’re here with the answers. Below are some frequent questions we get about our commercial landscaping bed maintenance services in Des Moines.

If maintaining the garden beds on your commercial property is consuming too much of your time, or if preserving the pristine look of your outdoor areas is proving difficult, it might be time to consider professional help.

Our expert team will design a customized maintenance plan that caters to the specific needs of your commercial landscape, making sure it stays attractive and well-kept, all within your budget.

The cost of our commercial landscaping bed maintenance services varies based on your property’s specific needs and the size of the area to be serviced.

We will collaborate with you to determine the necessary service hours each month and design a cost-effective plan that fulfills your weed control and garden upkeep requirements.

The frequency of weed pulling and bed maintenance for commercial properties can vary based on the rate of weed growth and the specific needs of your landscape.

Whether you need a one-time service to get everything under control or a regular maintenance plan to keep your garden beds weed-free, our team will develop a custom schedule that ensures your commercial outdoor spaces remain attractive and well-maintained.


Edging isn’t just about aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in defining the boundaries of your commercial landscaping beds while keeping mulch and decorative rock in place. Is it the right choice for your property? We offer a variety of edging solutions, including concrete edgers, steel edging, natural stone, and natural edges, that not only enhance visual appeal but also support practical maintenance for your lawn.

Selecting the appropriate edging can significantly transform the appearance and functionality of your outdoor areas. Whether you prefer the sleek look of metal or the natural warmth of stone, our team has the expertise to install edging that aligns perfectly with your style and meets your practical needs.


A beautiful commercial landscaping bed starts with effective defense and prevention. One of our most valuable yet often overlooked strategies is pre-emergent treatments to stop weeds before they even begin to grow. By applying these treatments before the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees, we ensure your garden beds remain weed-free. This early intervention is essential for every commercial landscaping bed, allowing your plants to thrive without competition from weeds. Let us lay the foundation for a weed-free commercial garden.

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Thank you so much for the quality workmanship you and your team provided to us over the past week or so. The work you did not only looks great but it also provided us with superior results. I appreciate your quality of work, your professionalism, and your very reasonable prices.

Tim Crosby, via Facebook

The recent ice storm had the sidewalks and driveway a sheet of ice. They came out twice to treat the areas. I was impressed with not only the work they performed but also that I did not have to call them to remind them. Rarely do I encounter from others the great service Excel provided. I am thrilled I hired them.

Michael Amadeo, via Google

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I called and they actually answered the phone and it didn’t go to voicemail. They came to see the job and gave me a fair quote and a date when they would be able to do it. The job was completed on time and I’m very happy with the work of the team.

Sophie J., via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The team at Excel Lawn and Landscape performs lawn mowing and weed control currently. I have peace of mind knowing they take care of my yard and plan to have them help with the fence and landscape in the future. Thank you for helping me gain control of the creeping Charlie in my yard and restore my yard’s curb appeal!

Treasa B., via Google

The crew at Excel worked on our front porch retaining wall. They did excellent work, were courteous, prompt in getting the job done, and even came out a few months later just to double-check the wall during cold weather. Thanks for all you did. I will definitely recommend your services.

Russ Miller, via Google