Snow Removal

Snow RemovalWinter may have its perks and joys, but mostly it comes with nuisances and plenty of hard work. Keeping your property free from ice and shoveling snow every morning just to take the car to work can psychologically and physically taxing even on the most patient of people. The problem with snow removal services is that if you wait for your local company to take care of things for you, there’s a high risk to walk to your office instead of driving or to be literally stuck in the house if the snow piles were left unattended for days.

Deicing also comes with its own fair share of risks – regular companies use rock salt to clear away frozen driveways, pathways or parking lots. Rock salt, while affordable, is quite detrimental for hard surfaces, as it tends to corrode both concrete and asphalt. Moreover, if you clean your pathways and throw away the mix of snow and deicers on your lawn, the rock salt particulates will infiltrate the soil causing damage to the dormant roots and the overall soil’s pH levels. If you add the common injuries people may suffer from while shoveling snow or trying to defrost walking or driving surfaces, you have a clear picture of why snow removal services should only be implemented by professionals.

Our company is specialized in snow removal and deicing services using lastest equipment and vehicles. We are available 24/7 and our specialized technicians can spare you the effort and the dangers of snow removal as they work only with powerful and safe tools.

Moreover, we use our own tailored deicing substances and treatments which won’t negatively impact your hard surfaces or outdoor structures. We are able to completely haul snow and ice from your property instead of moving it a few feet away. Our friendly substances are mild with hardscapes and they don’t pose a danger if they reach the lawn and vegetation areas of your property. Also, they are (in comparison to rock salt) a lot safer for pets and children playing around in the snow in your yard.

The treatments and snow removal techniques we use are eco-friendly, affordable and tailored to suit your property’s size and features. Moreover, they will always leave behind trace elements to further protect your driveways and pathways – the net time it snows or freezes we will need less material to use, therefore the subsequent treatments will be cheaper.

Our snow removal services can be contracted as a one-time solution to a particular situation, or they can become a regular winter-long service to ensure you a welcomed peace of mind no matter how harsh the cold season is. We will keep sidewalks, parking lots, garage entry alleys and all hard surfaces clean, free of ice, snow piles, dirt and debris so you can move freely and safely and enjoy winter for its benefits.

Give us a call and ask for a free estimate right now! Our team is more than willing to be put to the test and offer you some of the services that turned us into an industry’s model of good practices!