Growing a green lawn in your home isn’t as easy as just watering it. No other service is likely to have as big an impact on the color and health of your grass as properly utilizing lawn fertilization services – because it can be tough to get fertilization right on your own. The specific needs of your lawn, influenced by grass type, soil quality, and local growing conditions, can be expertly met by our services, ensuring your lawn receives all the nutrients it needs to flourish.

Fertilization projects for homeowners are often trial-and-error experiments, which can be problematic. As they have basic knowledge about fertilizers and weed control products but lack the expertise and skills when they try to apply treatments on their properties.

Did you know that some fertilizers should not be applied in the summer or when conditions are not favorable because they may burn and completely damage the lawn? These little details are what makes or breaks a flourishing lawn.  Not to mention other aspects of your property, from grasses to insects, may suffer due to the products and methods used.


At Excel Lawns & Landscape, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawn care professionals offering top-notch lawn fertilization service. Our experts are well-versed in the science of lawn fertilizers and understand the specific nutrient requirements of Iowa’s cool season grass types. With our expertise, you can trust that your lawn will receive the best care possible.


We recognize that every lawn is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t yield optimal results. That’s why we offer customized fertilization plans tailored to the specific needs of your lawn. After evaluating your soil through soil sample testing, we can develop a personalized fertilizer regimen to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to thrive.


We use only high-quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers that are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Our premium fertilizers are formulated to provide a balanced blend of nutrients, promoting healthy root growth, lush greenery, and increased resilience against stressors.


Applying lawn fertilizers correctly is crucial to achieving the desired results without harming your lawn. Our lawn care professionals are trained in proper application techniques to ensure even distribution to prevent over-fertilization, which can lead to negative effects. With our precise approach, your lawn will receive the nutrients it needs.


Our lawn fertilization service is just one part of our comprehensive lawn care offerings. We provide a range of services, including lawn mowing, aeration, weed control, and pest management, to create a holistic approach to lawn health. By choosing our services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lawn will be meticulously cared for year-round.


Our company is licensed and certified with the state of Iowa with regards to fertilization, and we have the ability to provide you with year-round, customized interventions. We offer soil assessments. While we understand the chemistry and pH of your soil, we also determine your soil’s fertilization needs. We consider the impact of weather, the environmental requirements, and the meteorological challenges you have to face all year round. The next step is the vegetation assessment – as some plants are more vulnerable to weeds than others, also considering the presence of insects and wildlife able to propagate the spreading of weeds. Check our examples of work

Lawn fertilization service


Our lawn fertilization service is a custom-tailored to the Des Moines Metro Area to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • Improved Grass Growth

  • Nutrient Balance and Soil Health

  • Correcting Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Increased Resistance to Stress and Pests

  • Time and Resource Efficiency


You have questions, we have answers. Below are the top questions we get about our Des Moines Metro Fertilization services.

The frequency of lawn fertilization depends on several factors, including the type of grass, climate, soil quality, and the specific fertilizer used. In general, a common recommendation is to fertilize your lawn two to four times a year, with applications during the growing season.

Lawn fertilizers come in various forms, such as granular, liquid, and organic options. Granular fertilizers are the most common due to their slow-release capabilities. Liquid fertilizers are sprayed directly onto the lawn and are absorbed quickly. Organic fertilizers are made from natural sources and contribute to long-term soil health.

The best time to apply lawn fertilizer is during the growing season, typically in the spring and fall. Applying fertilizer when the grass is actively growing ensures optimal nutrient uptake. Avoid fertilizing during periods of extreme drought or heat, as it may stress the lawn if the right product is not used.

Yes we have a variety of packages for fertilization.

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Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I called and they actually answered the phone and it didn’t go to voicemail. They came to see the job and gave me a fair quote and a date when they would be able to do it. The job was completed on time and I’m very happy with the work of the team.

Sophie J., via Google

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

The team at Excel Lawn and Landscape performs lawn mowing and weed control currently. I have peace of mind knowing they take care of my yard and plan to have them help with the fence and landscape in the future. Thank you for helping me gain control of the creeping Charlie in my yard and restore my yard’s curb appeal!

Treasa B., via Google

The recent ice storm had the sidewalks and driveway a sheet of ice. They came out twice to treat the areas. I was impressed with not only the work they performed but also that I did not have to call them to remind them. Rarely do I encounter from others the great service Excel provided. I am thrilled I hired them.

Michael Amadeo, via Google

Thank you so much for the quality workmanship you and your team provided to us over the past week or so. The work you did not only looks great but it also provided us with superior results. I appreciate your quality of work, your professionalism, and your very reasonable prices.

Tim Crosby, via Facebook

The crew at Excel worked on our front porch retaining wall. They did excellent work, were courteous, prompt in getting the job done, and even came out a few months later just to double-check the wall during cold weather. Thanks for all you did. I will definitely recommend your services.

Russ Miller, via Google