Achieving that Perfect Urbandale Lawn in 5 Steps

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Maintaining a perfect Urbandale lawn is about more than just regular watering and fertilization. One crucial aspect of achieving that ideal grass look is mowing, and selecting the right mowing height is pivotal for the health and appearance of your turf. In this article, we will guide you through five simple steps to determine the best mowing height for your lawn, whether you are in a newly developed section or an old growth part of Urbandale, IA. Our goal is to help you attain a lush, vibrant lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

  1. Identify Your Grass Type: Different grass species play a significant role in achieving a perfect Urbandale lawn, each having varying growth habits and optimum mowing heights. Start by identifying the type of grass in your lawn. Typically, in the Des Moines Area Metro, you’ll find cool season grasses prominent in our quest for the perfect lawn. Urbandale, IA boasts common grass varieties like Kentucky bluegrass, Ryegrass, and Fescue grass. Once you pinpoint the specific grass type, research its suggested mowing height range. You can find this information online or through the Iowa State Extension office.
  2. Determine the Season and Growth Rate: The ideal mowing height can change depending on the season and growth rate of your grass. During periods of active growth like the spring, we have seen 5” of growth in Urbandale, IA within a week, you can typically mow at a slightly higher height to promote healthier roots to combat the excessive growth. Conversely, during slower growth seasons (fall), it is best to lower the mowing height which helps mulch leaves and deposit nitrogen back into the soil and reduces the risk of Snow Mold. Take into account the climate to adjust your mowing height accordingly.
  3. Follow the One-Third Rule: A general rule of thumb in lawn care is to never remove more than one-third of the grass blade height in a single mowing session. Cutting too much at once can stress the grass and hinder its ability to recover, leading to a weaker and less attractive lawn. Remember the lawns after No Mow May once they were cut? The Yellowing is a sign a stress so if you’re wondering how much to remove in a single mowing session. Look for the rule of One- Third and watch for yellowing patches afterward. By following the one-third rule, you encourage a more robust root system, reduce weed growth, and maintain an even appearance.
  4. Adjust for Shade and Soil Conditions: Shaded areas of your lawn tend to have slower grass growth. To compensate for this, set your mowing height slightly higher in shady spots. Longer grass blades capture more sunlight, allowing for better photosynthesis and overall growth. Similarly, if your soil is sandy or prone to drought, consider raising the mowing height to promote deeper root growth and improve moisture retention. We typically see poor soil conditions in the newly developed areas of Urbandale, IA once the land has been stripped of the topsoil leaving the clay and sand behind.
  5. Regular Maintenance and Monitoring: Once you have determined the appropriate mowing height for your lawn, it is essential to stick to a regular mowing schedule. Avoid letting the grass grow excessively long before cutting, as this can shock the lawn and create an uneven appearance. Additionally, monitor your lawn’s health and adjust the mowing height if you notice signs of stress, such as browning or thinning grass.

Achieving the correct mowing height is crucial for cultivating a perfect Urbandale lawn. By following these five steps—identifying your grass type, considering the season and growth rate, adhering to the one-third rule, adjusting for shade and soil conditions, and maintaining a regular schedule—you’ll be well on your way to a vibrant, green lawn that will be the envy of any Urbandale neighborhood.

Remember, a well-maintained lawn enhances the beauty of your home and provides a welcoming outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. And as always, Excel Lawns & Landscape is here to help with any lawn care and landscaping needs in the Urbandale area or surrounding suburbs.

Happy mowing!

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